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New to Mint? How to Activate Your SIM

  • 2 March 2018
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New to Mint? How to Activate Your SIM
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It’s a snap! Just visit and enter the 11-digit activation code found on the back of your SIM card. The website will guide you through the rest of the steps. Be sure to keep your 11-digit activation code handy until your service has been fully activated just in case.

How to Activate Your Plan and Port Your Phone Number

How to Activate Your Plan and Get a New Number

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I bought my plan ahead of time and had no trouble activating my service. I wanted to sign my wife up. here online I read I could skip the trial Sim and use Sim 2 to transfer her number and sign up for a plan. That was not the case. I put in her phone and had to use the app to and it did not give a choice to transfer her number. O I did get another number which she did not want I did go ahead and ordered another plan,for her like I did. So when I get it I should be able to transfer her number. It says on the package that Sim 2 is for transferring your number. I did take out the sim2 and put her cricket Sim back in she didn't want a new number. Hopefully in a few days when I get her Sim it will all be good
It doesn't say on the packet that both Sims are trial Sims only