Still No Service After Activation

  • 17 August 2018
  • 5 replies

Yesterday (more than 24 hours ago) I activated my new sim with 3-months plan and ported my number from tpo mobile. I still don't have service! Tpo-mobile ported out my number immediately. How much longer should I wait. it looks like my activation simply stuck.

5 replies

Hang in there, it will eventually happen. I ported 2 lines from Ting (both were on T-Mobile network) and one took 24 hours and the other took 3 days. Call customer service and let them know so they can get a case started. It's really weird that some people get activated within minutes and others take days. My theory is it has to do with T-Mobile being the underlying provider for the number you are porting from ... but that's just a theory.
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Hey jakyny,

If you could private message us your mobile number, we can look up the status of your port in.

Nicole, Mint Mobile
sent you a message, Nicole. Hope this will be fixed soon. Thanks

Im having the same problem- got the activation approval.number ported service- cant make calls on phone.needs help

I am having the same problem and I have confirmed with my old provider that my phone is unlocked so I don’t understand what the problem is but it has been days with no service. Help please