$30 Referral Credit for Every Friend Who Joins Mint!

  • 6 August 2019
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$30 Referral Credit for Every Friend Who Joins Mint!
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Get $30 for EVERY Friend Who Joins Mint

In celebration of our 3rd birthday, we’re giving you $30 renewal credit for every friend you refer who joins Mint. Not just your first referral, but also your second, third, fourth and so on!
Your friend will also get the love. When your friend activates they will get $15 renewal credit! We’ll put your renewal credit into your account 15 days after your friend activates their plan, so start sharing and start earning!

Got more than one friend? Lucky you.

Why? There’s no limit to how many friends you can refer with this deal, or how much credit you can earn. $30 renewal credit for each individual friend referral… That’s a fox ton of renewal credit!

So, how do you start sharing?

Grab your unique Refer a Friend link from Account Management, and share it with a friends. You can share your link via e-mail, Facebook Messenger, Facebook post, in skywriting or via crop circle- however you want. The more you refer, the more you earn.

How to get sharing:

1. Log Into Account Management

2. Get a Unique Link

3. Share That Link with A Friend

4. Get Paid

1 reply

i have 4 mint mobile account and newly we renewed. but no body apply to me...
you need to discount for me..
i am giving numbers
314 269 6065 my new number, old one 314 600 3048 i changed number.
314 601 2773 my wife
314 461 3299 slide from cricket my father
314 665 8968 my mother
all our family mint number using but no answer to us..