Buy 3 Months, Get 3 Free - Your Questions, Our Answers

  • 5 August 2019
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Buy 3 Months, Get 3 Free - Your Questions, Our Answers

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29 replies

Mint mobile is so deceptive about promotions. So I saw the buy 3 get 3 free promotion on, put it in my cart, ordered a phone. An email order confirmation came from showing that i ordered a phone and the buy 3 get three plan.


Customer service (both emailed and called) tells me that because my phone was ordered from a third party, i’m not elligible for the promotion. But I placed the order from and the email confirmation came from listing that i ordered the by 3 get 3. At no point in the process on the mintmobile site was there an indication that my phone was coming from a third party, and that if I ordered it i would be inelligible for the promotion. They should say that if you order a phone you will not get the promotion. If I had known this, I would not have ordered a phone with the plan on the mintmobile site. 


If anyone from mintmobile sees this, please put on your website that if you order a phone you will not be eligible for promotions because it will come from a third party site. And if anyone sees this and is willing/able to still give me the promotion (or at least part of it), please contact me. Otherwise I will probably leave mint because this deception is not right. 

I ordered the phone from their site and I didn't get my 3 months free either. It was just a lie.

So I bought the three months three months free in August. (My account is expiring November 26 as it stands...). They just told me the offer ended in JUNE??!!  And that’s why I can’t have the offer.

That’s just total BS right?

Thanks for letting me know! I would be grateful if someone could confirm this, just so I know I’m not totally misremembering.


Thanks for letting me know! Cheers

This company is not honest. Bought the Buy3 Get 3 SIM Kit. But never received the FREE 3 Months credit. I called Customer Service numerous times and they told me that the 3 months free credit will be applied to my account after 24 hours. But still NO CREDIT!!! Emailed CS was a joke. I sent 5 different emails and no one bothered to reply. One person eventually did reply and asked for my receipt, once I sent him the receipt, he completely ignored me. Very bad customer support!!! Nothing gets resolved!! I will be finding another carrier once my 3 month service is up!!!!

Same exact situation here. I sent countless emails and calls. I was always ignored and nothing was resolved. I was excited to start using Mint, but now I’m pretty ticked off. I waited 3 months and still no response. My account was temporarily suspended. I was unable to send and receive texts/calls until I made a payment to continue service. I was promised three months free, but it’s either false advertisement or there’s too many loopholes. And now I’m being charged an additional hidden fee of $17.75 on top of my renewal. Very disappointed with Mint. I regret spreading hype about this company to my friends and family.

This is a scam!  You cancelled my plan after 3 months.  My plan never showed the additional 3 months included ever.  Ryan, beware the company you just invested in is a fraud!  Mint Mobile does not follow through with their promises and commitments.