• 11 March 2019
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On 3-9 I tried to pay my bill and upgrade to the one-year plan. After attempting to place the order for about a half an hour on the mint page I FINALLY found you're well hidden customer service number almost by accident! After jumping through all kinds of hoops for the associate named Benjamin, which included a conference call to my bank to check and make sure that there was sufficient funds and that there was no security hold on my card, he finally discovered that my card had been BLOCKED because mint mobile had DOUBLE BILLED me back in January and I had to go through my bank to get the charges dropped and reversed! After spending almost two hours trying to get it straightened out and starting to get very annoyed at Benjamin with his repeated insistence that there was another option by paying with a different card, I got tired of repeatedly saying that there was NO OTHER CONVENIENT OPTION FOR ME and I finally gave up in exasperation! The next day, today March 10th, I tried again and finally got to talk to supervisor Edgar, who explained to me that your "system was down" and that he would work on my issue, and he would call me back in a couple hours when the system was back (which should have been around 3pm)
So after no call back from Edgar, I called back at 6 WITH MY 3RD ATTEMPT! and was told by an associate that today was Edgar's DAY OFF!!!!and I said I just spoke with him a couple of hours ago when he was supposed to call me back!!! So he said he would try to find me another supervisor! SO NOW AFTER AN HOUR ON HOLD! (57min.)
In conclusion, I've currently invested over 4 hours in trying to solve this RIDICULOUS problem over something that any COMPETENT and reputable company ought to be able to EASILY REMEDY!
My bill is due Tuesday and if you guys haven't resolved this issue by then, THEN I'M GOING BACK TO SPRINT!!! 💥

3 replies

This was clearly an issue with your bank. I have had my bank (Discover) block charges and when I have them release the block, it takes time for the charge to go through. On Mints end, all they have to do is run the charge. Its simple. If they can't get the charge to go through, its not their fault. It's your problem. And, If I had to guess, it was your fault you were double billed to begin with. Am I right?

So ew what was the customer service number that's the only reason I read this whole thing

YES.  Please share the customer service number.