OMGB! Data Upgrades to All Mint Mobile Plans

  • 29 January 2019
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OMGB! Data Upgrades to All Mint Mobile Plans
Today, we’re upgrading ALL Mint customers’ plans with more data for streaming and foxing around on all your favorite apps. YAY you! And, we’re still doing it at the lowest prices in the mobile universe. YAY us!

Starting on your next monthly data refresh, you will now receive more high-speed 4G LTE data than ever before! How much data you get depends on what plan you’re currently on:

If you’re on the 2GB, you’ll now get 3GB per month.
If you’re on the 3GB, you’ll now get 5GB per month.
If you’re on the 10GB, you’ll now get 12GB per month.

Here's the full price breakdown for current customers:

What’s even better? The 12-month plan is NOT going up in cost! Make the switcheroo to our 12-month plan to get the best deal in wireless and enjoy having no phone bill for a year! #nobillchill

We’re proud to continue offering the best deal in the mobile universe and we’re glad you’re in on it with us!

Got questions? We’ve got answers! Just ask below.

2 replies

Wow, SEVEN MONTHS AGO?! I didn't know this and have had issues with running out of data due to forgetting to turn on my wifi and streaming, or possibly my wifi setting being finicky. I don't recall getting a text about this. A text would have been a pretty awesome way to learn I had more to work with!

Hi, so I’m currently on a 12 month plan; 3GB/month. I’ve not seen an increase in my monthly data allowance from 3GB to 5GB. When was that supposed to happen?