Randomly not receiving calls, goes to voice mail.

  • 26 August 2018
  • 3 replies

Mobile number:
IMEI# 359669070309710
Make and model of your device: Luna TG-L800S
Home address:
When did you first experience this issue? As soon as I activated this new phone
Roughly what time of day does that happen? Randomly, no specific time of day.

According to the forum, Mint Mobile seems to have a big problem with various cell phones not receiving calls or texts. If you read through the forum it effects many different phones. Is there a fix?

Mint Mobile can contact me for my number and address.

3 replies

This is not a fix but a comment that might help you and others solve the problem. I am using an unlocked ATT Samsung galaxy s9 with mintsim. When I use our phone at our home area in Northern Mn. I have absolutely no problem with mint sim. I think we may have not received a call one time but not sure.

When I use our phone at our home in AZ which has the same strong coverage as our mn home, we find that we receive about 30% of our calls. Same phone no changes. Obviously this is a network issue and hope that this issue can be resolved for me and all others that are having this very common problem.

Hope this helps.
This is a widespread Mint issue. They know about it but don't take any action to resolve the issue. Mint Mobile basically sucks worse than any MVNO out there. Funny thing for me is, I get a ton of incoming spam calls and they always ring. It's nice to get flooded with spam calls when you've only had your number for less than a week. Not hard to figure it out though, Mint Mobile is selling your number to spam callers and tele-marketers. They sell the customer down the river on day one and never look back. The simple solution to you problem.. switch to one of their competitors and tell everyone you know just how bad Mint Mobile is and how they could care less about resolving any issues.
Fast forward...Sept 2019. Still an issue. I have an Iphone 7 and I've spent a half day with Mint. They've had me do the phone reset codes, and reset their side a coupe of times. I went from receiving no calls, to some but not all. Worse, there is no notification. It's day 1 of my port...but I'm just about ready to port out. Bummer, was really looking forward to that low cost plan.