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😞 it took FIVE days to get the port issue resolved. my old carrier stated mint kept sending bogus name and acct info with the port request, so they kept rejecting the porting for five days straight. that threw me into another billing cycle which i had to pay again solely for the porting request to go through. add to that the (way too many) calls to both old and new carriers using wife's phone since my old carrier gave up and simply turned off my service as it hadn't been paid yet, and no service with the new mint service!

the ONLY good to all this headache was a very kind nice female voice at the end of the port support team who was very understanding and patient, and even called me late Monday to tell me the port had gone through and terminated successfully, and was the first caller to my new mint service!

HECK!! On Monday alone, starting at 9am in a moving car as a passenger I started calling everyone to the tune of six calls back and forth, trying to get everything correct so it would finally go through!

I'm not on fb otherwise y'all know I would post this there!!!
Hi Tony, sorry to hear you had trouble with your port but I'm glad to hear our support team member was able to get things resolved for you. Thank you for your feedback! We love to hear from customers like you so we can continue improving your experience. Please feel free to send me a message if you're ever have any questions!
Well, you asked!!
~ Long press on 1 gets me a recording saying I can't do that instead of sending me to voicemail
I've entered the area code and number for voicemail (keypad 1) and still get a recording saying
don't do that!
~ I had a good keypress (DTMF) previously but now with mint I press 1 for english 2 for coffee and 3
for sugar, and the nice lady keeps asking me to press an option. that is repeated about 2 or 3
times, then she hangs up on me because they don't hear my cell reply.

It ALL worked before but doesn't now.... why?