600MHz spectrum support

Since I know that Mint Mobile runs on T-Mobile's network, would I be able to utilize it's recently rolled out 600MHz spectrum with Mint Mobile?

If the answer is "Yes", what device do you recommend to get?

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It would be a newer phone, it needs to support band 71, and the 600mhz is in 900 towns, I think mainly rural areas. Go to and look up T-mobile. Here is a link--
This article was the reason I posted the question.

Given that I have the device that has 600MHz antenna, does Mint Mobile support 600MHz spectrum?
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Given the fact that Mint Mobile works on the 700MHz spectrum that Tmobile launched, I would assume that it will also work with the 600MHz spectrum as well. However, as far as I'm aware, 600MHz is really meant to give range to rural areas. If you live in an urban area I am not sure how much 600MHz will actually help you, whereas getting a phone with 700MHz capability will likely help you.

Also, based on my understanding, getting a 600MHz phone will not be a benefit unless there are towers nearby that service that part of the spectrum. I would check on cellmapper to see if there's a Tmobile tower that handles 600MHz in your area. I read a Tmobile press release from yesterday about how they're expanding their 600MHz towers, but on cellmapper there is not a single one yet listed in my entire state.

Add to all this that there are currently only seven phones that make use of Tmobile's 600MHz, and they seem to be pricey, premium phones. Getting such an expensive phone kind of defeats the purpose of getting all these $avings by going with Mint in the first place.
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Given that I have the device that has 600MHz antenna, does Mint Mobile support 600MHz spectrum?

According to Mint's coverage map (,) yes.

Go to a market where TMO has lit up B71--Gordo, AL for example. Drop a pin, and you'll see LTE 600 in the list of networks available there.

Great job documenting band availability in this way, Mint👍