Buy3 months, Get 3 months

  • 1 September 2019
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Thinking that Mint would be a great plan for our kids, we signed up the 1st account on the promo and now after almost a month on the 1st account we are yet to see the bonus 3 months and still show options to buy the plan in November. I have contacted support twice and gotten no responses from them either time yet or has the 3 months showed up on the account. Thinking oh well they'll eventually get it done we'd order another one one while this great offer was still going for our other kid and guess what it too doesn't show the deal in there and only the charges for the $60 plus the $5 for the SIM and it's been at least a week since we ordered this account. What do we have to do for our accounts to start showing up with this great deal.

2 replies

...where is the article?

I called in about this and customer service told me it shows up in five days, though the ads all say 24 hours.
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Hello, we're very sorry that our support team hasn't gotten back to you regarding this concern. Here is an article that provides information regarding how to verify that you will receive the three months free after purchasing the 3-month, 8GB plan. If you still have some questions about this after reviewing the article, please give our team a call at https://tel:213-372-7777.