Does anyone know of any standalone usb or wifi hotspots/modems that work well with Mint?

  • 27 February 2019
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I am totally new to the realm of portable hotspots as I normally just use my hotspot on my phone, but i recently installed a new android headunit for my car and it would be far more convenient for the very small price mint charges to have a separate device and sim/data plan for the car that I can use for streaming all my music and maps and what-not without having to switch on my phones HS and connect and worry about using up my phones data. Does anyone have an recommendations or any wisdom maybe for any devices they know work well with mint service? I assume the Coolpad surf which is what tmobile sells will work, but I don't know if maybe there is some funny business with the network where it may not allow hotspot devices. Any help would be great appreciated!

0 replies

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