Group texts not sending, and normal texts not sending unless I turn on data

  • 4 September 2019
  • 3 replies

I have a Moto G6 and am in a group chat of 4 people. I am unable to send any texts whatsoever to the group. It just says 'sending' for a while and then tells me to try again. Also 99% of the time I cannot send normal singular texts without turning off WiFi and turning on data. This is extremely annoying, because I'm paying for a phone service AND data. I expect the phone service to do it's one job so I don't have to use my data. I have also had other issues with calls. It happens less now, but when calling someone (or if they would call me) the phone would either go straight to voicemail or it would randomly hang up after a few seconds of conversation. I HATE feeling like I'm wasting my money on mint, because I was optimistic. But if all these problems go unresolved, it honestly just makes this a useless phone service.

3 replies

Need to go into the settings for messages and change them.
How shall I change settings to be able to receive and send texts with or without WiFi?
My understanding is that group messages (MMS) need a cellular signal to work and usually does not count against your data. If you're having problems send both MMS and regular (SMS) texts, you may have little or no signal. Also be sure you have Wi-Fi calling enables on your phone and the Mint website.