International Roaming not working

  • 18 January 2019
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I am not able to get international roaming to work. Can someone please help me troubleshoot. I have a iPhone 5C.

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13 replies

I am also facing the same issue. I see good signal strength, but i am not able to call/message while travelling.
Me too. Posted here 2 days ago - no reply. Emailed - no reply. Shocking service. I won't be buying another bundle after this one as I'm done with Mint. I'll be recommending people stay away from this terrible service. They shouldn't advertise what they can't provide. The only way to fix something like this is to vote with our wallets as purchase from another, better provider.
Same here. Paid for the roaming, and no service. Bahamas no service at all. Spain I could call US, but could not call local numbers.
I have experienced the same thing with roaming in Belgium and Hong Kong. New flight attendant here and need roaming to work, for work!
In Moscow right now, it does not work
Same problem in China. I paid $20 worth nothing.
I've had an email from Edgar at Mint. Just asking me to do the same things that I've already done (switch it on and off, turn on roaming) and which are commonly talked about if you search for the problem online. From reading around it looks like this is a technical problem with the Mint Network and people have reported speaking to Mint technicans who say the service is broken. I've asked for a refund of my $5 credit and I won't be renewing my service when it expires in Feb. There are a few budget cell services now offering similar prices to Mint and I'll try one of them if Mint is going to lie about their service.
Had an email response that there WAS a service outage but that it has been fixed. My phone hasn't changed. Searches for this problem come up with forum posts by people saying that reps have given them the same excuse and outcome stretching back nearly 6 months. Nobody independent has reported that the problem has been fixed. I will be filing a complaint with the FCC about this and I recommend everyone here and anyone in the future reading this does this same (let's see if this post gets deleted) to teach big companies to play fair and stop skimping on services or lying. If you Google search for FCC complaints it comes up with the web page and form. Good luck.

Finally got my refund sorted (hopefully). I was asked for a lot of details to process it: cardholder name, first 6 digits, last 4, visa or MC, exact amount, AND a screenshot of the charge on my bank statement. This feels intrusive and excessive. I expect it's to make the process difficult so people won't bother over $5/$10/$20.
I too was never able to get roaming to work (in New Zealand) and spent a lot of wasted time contacting them be email. Upon return to US I asked for a refund and got the intimidating email about sending credit card info through the email system. I called and gave them info and received the refund on my credit card. Super hassle and really weird way to do refunds. I’ll be giving up Mint and going back to my previous MVNO who never lied to me about services offered.......
I am having the same issue. I have a Pixel 2 and added UpRoam credits to my account. I crossed into Canada (driving) from US and was unable to connect after getting into Vancouver. When sending text messages I receive an automated response - " Free Msg: Unable to send message - Message Blocking is active."

I called their support today and was told that when leaving the country you are supposed to put your phone in airplane mode or else it won't work. I told the support rep that I crossed by driving and did not know that this was a requirement for the service to work in Canada. She told me that yes I needed to do that and I could try again. Sorry, I'm not going to drive back to the US to put my phone in airplane mode and cross back into Canada.

Something tells me that even if I were to do this, it wouldn't fix the issue. This is backed up by all the other users reporting this same issue on their various international travels. Even if it would fix the issue, where are these instructions on the Mint website? You would think that if many users were having trouble with this issue, they would at least want to inform users to prevent the support calls. I told my support rep to make sure they publish this information on the website.

My service is up in July of this year, so I will most certainly be switching. If you are planning to travel internationally, stay away from Mint! They pooped on my Canadian party.
Just back from Mexico. Had the same problem and headaches with Mint. Then, after giving up, I was driving down a street in Cabo San Lucas, nowhere near a wifi connection, and received a phone call from the States. On another occasion I was able to make a call to a local Mexico number. I was never able to access the internet, so how was it possible that roaming was working at times but never for data? If I had one shouldn't the other have also kicked in?

As pissed as I am with Mint over this, my plan is to use a different sim when I travel outside the US. Easy fix.
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International Roaming (text/calls/data) does not work on Mint. Period. End of story. And they don;t seem to care.
We're sorry for all the issues you experienced with our International Roaming services. But we've fixed the problem and have emailed an apology to all the accounts that were impacted. If you haven't received an email from us, please contact our Care Team who will be happy to sort you out.