Manage Plan Options

  • 12 September 2019
  • 3 replies

Under "Manage Plan" the only options to "Set as Next Plan" are the 3 month 8GB, 3 month 12GB, 12 month 8GB, and 12 month 12GB. I can't select any of the other options. How do I set the 12 month 3GB plan to be my next plan?

3 replies

When does your current plan expire?
I just bought the 3 month get 3 free deal, so the first 3 will expire in December, and the second 3 in March. I'd like to have it set up the 3GB 12 month after that.
I'm not sure if you're following the same steps I dd, but what I found was that I couldn't change plans from a desktop or laptop, but the mobile app allowed it.