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  • 14 April 2018
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I have an Honor View10 that is supposed to be updated to whatever the most recent version is. Tried to send a picture message and it is not sending. Also not receiving groups messages either. I tried to text SETUP to 6700 and I get message back Awesomesauce! Look for a message from 717-5 with further instructions on how to get your data settings all squared away. Then immediatly after that message I get Unable to send apn settings to my phone number(It actually shows my number just not listing it here)
I have a good data connection through cellular data and I followed the instructions to manually update the mms apn. 1 thing I wondered about and the steps for setting the mms apn the APN is listed as and Name is T-MobileMMS. If anyone has any idea how to get it setup correctly I'm all ear or eyes. Thanks

0 replies

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