Oneplus 5 - No Wifi Calling/Texts

  • 4 September 2019
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I have a OP5, and have recently switched over from GoogleFi. On GoogleFi, I was able to get SMS and MMS via wifi, but not WiFi calling. After switching to Mint, I cannot get SMS/MMS or WiFi calling.

I live in a basement apartment, and WiFi calling + MMS/SMS is essential for anyone to reach me.

I have ensured that my Mint Mobile account has WiFi Calling enabled, and I have turned on WiFi Calling under enhanced communications, but this has done nothing.

When I attempt a call, it says I must connect to a wireless network, but I am connected and can search the internet etc. I have restarted the internet router and my phone multiple times. I have also placed my phone in airplane mode and then turned on the wifi, but this has not changed the outcome.

Any suggestions?

0 replies

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