Unable to receive Texts/SMS from Verizon users (iOS or Android)

  • 8 December 2018
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Unable to receive text messages from verizon users regardless of phone they are using.
Phone: Google Pixel 3 XL
Tools available: Verizon based iphone

Troubleshooting attempted:
  • Restart phone
  • Remove, clean, and replace sim card
  • Verified APN settings were up to date per mint mobile site. (linked)
  • Verified phone number was not registered with imessage.
  • Contacted customer service - "network was reset"
  • Contacted customer service again - a technical reference ticket was created.
Additional tests performed:
  • Send and receipt of Phone calls, SMS, and MMS is possible with: 1x Sprint user(iOS) , 1x AT&T user(android) , 1x Mint mobile user (same sim in Iphone and android)
  • I am able to receive MMS from Verizon (iOS and android) users.
  • Traded sim cards with a verizon iphone, and the problem followed the sim card (NOTE: when using the iphone, both MMS and SMS were not received when sent from a verizon user) - Error message "invalid destination address" was provided by the pixel 3 when texting the mint sim which was in the iphone. ***Indicates the fault followed the sim.***
  • Placed a different mint subscribers sim card (from iphone) into original pixel 3 and was unable to receive SMS from verizon phone - likely because it was registered with imessage. ***this test did not rule out the phones settings to be the issue.***

If anyone has had this issue with any successful outcome, information would be greatly appreciated.
It appears as though i need tech support to call me to verify some more settings and ultimately replace the sim i suspect.

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4 replies

I am currently having the same problem with my phone but I was with AT&T. I use to have an iPhone but recently bought an Android and I only receive messages from the t-mobile network. Have you got a fix for this issue yet.
Thanks for the comment, no resolution yet.

Additional details regarding my problem - phone number was originally ported from google voice which seemed to result in a common problem to what we are having based on several community forum posts dated back from 2010.

I've received over an hour of assistance from Verizon and they have confirmed they have records of text outbound text messages (SMS) leaving their network at the time stamps I provide as i send test text messages. I still need confirmation that Mint Mobile is able to see these messages coming inbound to their network. Mint has yet to reply to my technical support tickets.

I may try releasing this phone number into the pool for a new number, retesting, and then re-porting it within 30 days so that i don't lose it.
Hey I was in a similar boat to you:

a. Phone is a Pixel 1
b. Ported my number from Google Voice on Dec 23
c. Couldn't receive SMS from Verizon users (MMS was fine, SMS/MMS from AT&T users were fine, didn't have other networks to test on)

I have never contacted Verizon, Google, or Mint tech support about this issue.

My SMS have started working today, but I'm not sure if it was anything I did. I went on the mint mobile website and
  1. Turned OFF WiFi calling/text
  2. Waited for text from 6700 confirming that WiFi calling was disabled
  3. Turned off WiFi calling in my Android Settings -> Network & Internet -> Mobile network -> Advanced -> Wi-Fi calling
  4. SHUT DOWN my phone (not restart)
  5. Turned on my phone
I say I'm not sure if it's anything I did because I only tried having a friend text me after I went through these steps. I can't confirm if it was coincidentally working beforehand that day. I'm also using the default APN that my phone picked up when I put in the Mint sim. Hope this works for you, cause this was the only thing that was making me consider dropping mint.

(Note: I was also able to re-enable WiFi calling after and my SMS still worked.)
Hey Zhigaheh,

Thank for your reply! I can confirm that i have successfully received SMS messages from 4x verizon phones but I am unable to confirm it due to disabling wifi calling as described in your previous post.

A friend had texted me directly from a verizon phone several hours before attempting to disable wifi calling, and i was able to receive their SMS. After disabling the WIFI calling, I tested the phone using 3x additional verizon devices and all were successful at sending my phone an SMS. I later noticed i was already receiving SMS from verizon users before attempting anything, therefore this test is inconclusive.

In summary
My android phone now appears to be functioning properly after approximately 2 months of inaction from Mint mobile. Cause of resolution is unknown. If you have this issue please attempt to disable wifi calling on mint mobile app and your phones settings, and reply with your results for anyone else that may have this issue.

In my case, Verizon was able to confirm SMS messages was leaving their network; I was unable to determine if T-mobile/Mint was receiving the messages into their network at all.
Further reading points to an issue with t-mobile/Mints SMS aggregator being out of date, but this is pure speculation based on reading the two threads below.

"Temporary" work around for people with this exact issue
This is a work around to not receiving SMS messages from friends who are aware of this problem:
Use a group chat, since all group chats are an MMS by default and would therefore be sent over data and be received. Have them text your half-functioning number + one other number(ideally yours, or google voice).

Good luck everyone...