Whats the best phone to get on Mint Mobile's network?

  • 17 September 2018
  • 2 replies

I'm currently using an iPhone on Mint's network and after breaking my screen and Apple introduced to 3 underwhelming iPhones I'm considering switching to android. What phones work best on this network?

2 replies

Moto Z2 play here. Works great, wifi calling and gets a good T-Mobile signal considering my location in the mountains.
For anyone reading this in the future.... Any unlocked phone compatable with T-Mobile network. I personally am using a Oneplus 3T flawlessly with VOLTE. A Oneplus 6 or 6T would be current phones which work great also. you can always goto swappa and get a decent slightly used unlocked T-Mobile compatable phone. bands 2,4,12 are a must. band 66 ehh nice to have. band 71 for near future (S9, Z3 or OnePlus 6/6T currently has band 71 and all the others listed here) soon 5g will start rolling out. However, I am not sure how fast it will be implemented for real world use. Phone companies are not going to have enough personnel to set the antennas on the telephone/distribution poles in the high voltage areas (the top where 5G antennas need to be). I have a wait and see approach for 2019/2020 5G rollout. another 5G unknown at this time is when will TMobile allow MVNO's like mint use 5G.....