Wi-fi calling greyed out and unable to work when switching to mint

  • 8 January 2019
  • 2 replies

I recently switched from AT&T to mint. Once I switched, everything worked out well, but my wi-fi calling feature is greyed out and I am unable to select it. I used a Android Galaxy S7 Edge. Wi-fi calling and text through mint is activated, but the feature on my phone is not available. It's unavailable when I go in my settings. Im assuming the AT&T software inside is causing issues, but any advice would be great.

2 replies

Mint will never answer your question. The money you save from using a legitimate carrier comes from them having no customer support!

They are deliberately stalling so that I pass my 7 day trial waiting for support to essential questions that will decide whether I go back to Verizon!

What a joke.
I'm having same issue and just submitted the issue to Mint Mobile Cares on FB Messenger. I came over from Verizon. I'm awaiting a reply from Mint. Did you find a solution?