Wifi calling

  • 6 February 2019
  • 2 replies

I have WiFi calling enabled in my phone AND in my Mint account. I have terrible cell service inside my very small home and excellent WiFi coverage. Some days the cell signal icon has an exclamation mark next to it, I can not receive or make calls. For this reason, WiFi calling is critical; why isn't it working?? I have missed calls from my peoples. Please, please Help!
My phone is a motorola g5 plus.
Thank you.

2 replies

I have a Motorola Z2 Force and have the same issues. I called customer service on several occasions and they keep telling me they will call me back as they put in a ticket. The last time I called they said that the last customer rep put in the notes that I needed to check with my last carrier. I bought this phone from Motorola unlocked. It was originally an AT&T phone which I went through them and unlocked officially. In any case I called AT&T and they said that the new provider had to offer this info by their changed APN settings. I did notice when checking the phone again the APN setting did not list Mint (it had T-Mobile) so I went through there instructions by texting "set up" to 6700 and it downloaded and it downloaded the Mint APN however it still did not work. Finally I called Motorola who told me that it may be that because my phone was originally an AT&T phone even if it was unlocked some features might not work. I am guessing this is what is happening.

In any case, I am very discouraged with the customer service that I have received from calling into Mint Mobile. I spoke to the same rep two straight times on different occasions (coincidence), and another one yesterday and still no one has called me back. The other issue is that my bars went down to like 3 and less, thus the reason the Wi-Fi calling issue came up. I am missing calls, or in some cases they go straight to VM. I am at the end of the 3 months and may have to go to another carrier. I really wanted to like Mint but it has been a disappointment. 😞
I had to Reconfigure for Wi-Fi Calling after Rebooting my iPhone. Working Again.