Wifi calling and texting while overseas

  • 1 September 2018
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I am brand new to Mint - and so far it seems to be working just fine. I see that there is a charge of $0.25/min for calls and $0.05/text for SMS while roaming internationally. My questions are:

1) I assume these fees are using the international cellular network. What are the charges, if any, for making a call or sending a text to the U.S. over wifi? Is that free?

2) Is an MMS message considered a text message, or does it use data?

I switched to Mint from Project Fi for a number of reasons - mostly the lack of phone selection on Fi and of course the price. The one place where Fi seem to have better deal is the free SMS anywhere in the world. With the number of SMS messages I send while away, that $0.05/text could really add up. So I'm hoping that they are free over wifi...


2 replies

Here's my take.. When you are on wifi, make sure your cell data is turned off. (go go settings, networks roaming data) You will be only using wifi. You can call for free over wifi with a service like Google voice or Facebook messenger. Texts are also free over wifi. If you have a phone that has the ability and app to do wifi calling then I do believe there are settings to use either cell network or wifi network. Not real familiar with that. I have used WiFI for talk and text for the last 10 or more years when traveling internationally and have never had an issue. Hope this helps.

BTW. If you plan on using the mint sim international make sure you have money in the Mint Sim uproam account and not your wallet. Also disable data roaming when international. Mint sim is inexpensive for calls and texts but the data is $200/gb. I will be using my mint sim internationally next month and will post on this forum the results.
Thank you for your response. My plan is to buy a OnePlus 6T when they are released, and use the dual-sim for an international sim card. (The data rates I found last time in Thailand and Cambodia are so much cheaper than in the US its ridiculous. Unlimited data plans in Thailand go for around $13/mo - far cheaper in Cambodia. So with the dual sim, I can set the foreign sim to handle all data requests, and the Mint sim to accept calls and texts.

As for the cost of sending texts, I got a google voice number yesterday. So I can use that to text US and Canadian numbers for free over wifi, or else use the data on the foreign sim. So - if a text message comes in on my Mint sim (free), then I can respond with my google voice number using either wifi (free) or cell data (dirt cheap overseas). So no $0.05 per text charge.

If it actually all works like that, I will be a very happy Mint customer.

So far everything is working perfectly with my Nexus 6P phone. I'm glad to be done with Project Fi and their trying to control what phone I buy. I really want a dual sim....