WiFi Calling Galaxy S9

  • 12 December 2018
  • 7 replies

i am trying to activate WiFi calling on my Galaxy S9, but I am not having any luck. The phone was purchased from Cricket originally. I have unlocked the phone but when I turn it on it still has a Cricket advertisement. Not sure if that matters or not. I contacted customer support and they said it should be working but still no luck. Has anyone successfully activated WiFi calling on a Galaxy S9? Thanks for the help.

7 replies

Does the phone recognize the sim from Mint, do you get a message when the phone boots up that it is an invalid sim?
Yes the phone is able to make calls using Mints network. No message stating an invalid sim. Everything works like normal expect for the WiFi calling feature.
Does it have wifi calling listed Settings-Mobile Network-Advanced-calling- wifi calling slider
I have the same issue with my S9, but mine was originally from VZW and re-branded itself as T-Mobile, so it now has T-Mobile firmware. There is no option to enable it under the mobile network settings.
Try opening the phone app and tap the three dots on the upper right corner. Choose settings, scroll down and see if 'Wi-Fi Calling' shows on the list. If so, choose that and make your choice in the following menu.
Thanks for the suggestion. Wi-Fi calling doesn't show up in the phone settings either. When I search settings for Wi-Fi it's not among the search results.
Since the update to Pie was pushed by T-Mobile, Wi-Fi calling works on my S9. I noticed that something changed with how the SIM card was recognized. The carrier banner says T-Mobile now, not Mint, but I am using the same APN. I'm not sure whether this fix was directly caused by the new OS or whether it was the thing with the SIM card. Anyone else experiencing Wi-Fi calling on S9 now?