wrong data usage shown

Hi folks, my available data in my account shows 0 GB. Did you also experienced false information from Mint in regard to this?

ps. I know it is wrong.

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Hi @Mojo, we will direct message you to further assist in regards to your account.

Mint Mobile Support
I'm not sure they say it's all correct. But within a week first month, I used it all up in 4 days, and I have the 10g. Second month I managed to make it a week and a half maybe.. Something it bogs down to the, and let me tell you, the 2 g is the slowest i've ever experienced. I've never felt so much frustration as I have since having this service.
With service i've had before with the other companies, I always have 4 g. And most times I would make it to may be the last month before I run out of data, and then it would slow down, but usually not enough to make it so upsetting and so frustrating. I guess you get what you pay for. So they don't make you might their money on you with the monthly feet, then make it on you by charging you for extra data, which I did not buy.
However, my customer service experience has been 90 percent good, there was only a couple of times that it wasn't pleasant, the rest were all very good.