• 6 September 2019
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when will you be offering 5g service

4 replies

I would like know to this this as well. I’m a new customer starting last week, love plan options and the idea of being able to prepay for the months ahead with a discount. I would like to know though, if there are some forward looking features coming like 5G. I know T-Mobile is building up their 5G network and it’s available in some places, near me too. Is Mint Mobile going to be using these 5G bands like Metro PCS has access to it?

T-mobile just turned on their Nationwide low band 5g network. Will this come to mint mobile? 

I'm in Rowlett, TX and I was told the reason my Mintmobile data has been out the last few days is they're upgrading to 5G in my area. 

Another interested party here.  iPhone XS Max that used AT&T’s 5G/4.5G service before switching to Mint a bit over 2 months ago.  MetroPCS is offering 5G in my small town, so I’m assuming Mint has access to the equipment.  The only major thing I could see causing a delay would be that carriers are charging a premium on MMNVO’s to connect to their 5G, and servicers such as Mint don’t want to have to charge their customers more to connect.