Continued SMS & MMS woes.

  • 9 March 2019
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It has been 3+ weeks of dealing with customer service. (ticket#3645446, 3654087, 3659300 ) The issues persist that we are still unable to use our phone service for texting in and out (unless it is a confirmed Tmobile/Mint user), and receiving MMS. We can send MMS out to any number we want, we just cannot receive anything. This has been an exceptionally frustrating time and i am starting to ponder my next SWITCH.... i am hoping by going online and putting in black and white that someone will actually help and resolve this issue rather than continued phone calls with the standard give us 72 hours to resolve it, someone will be in touch later on today... etc... etc.... We are tired of "pissing into the wind" and wasting the most valuable resource we have as human beings "TIME".

1 reply

I’m having this EXACT same issue right now. Did you ever get this resolved? If so what did they do to finally fix your issue? Ticket # 362188