Data/MMS work without setting up APN?

  • 22 May 2018
  • 3 replies

After successfully porting my number over to Mint Mobile today, I got a text from Mint telling me to follow a series of steps to enable cellular data and MMS on my device. I haven't done those steps yet, but data is working fine? Should I follow the steps regardless or can I just leave the phone as it is for now?

3 replies

I'm guessing it configured your phone for you. Last week, Mint downloaded an APN after I sent the SETUP command. You can check your APN settings and see if that happend. The APN that was downloaded was named Mint although the manual setup uses Ultra. Who knows. If it's working, I say use it. If it stops, do the manual configuration or try the SETUP command.
I'd follow the steps if you want MMS to work correctly. Typically when I do an iOS update it'll wipe the settings and data and imessage will work fine, but I'll have issues with receiving MMS, not just photos but MMS messages as well.
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I would test sending and receiving MMS using wifi and data connections.