Data Roaming not working in Canada

  • 26 August 2019
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If you are planning on going to Canada, data roaming does not work there. I have my LG-G5 phone and my wife's Iphone 7 both with International Roaming credit. Both phone can make and receive calls and send SMS text. Data is not available as well as MMS text. I made sure that data roaming is turned on for both phones but no success. We went to different part of Canada (Victoria, Van Couver, Calgary, Banff) and never got the data roaming to work.

Having no data is very inconvenient as we cannot set our GPS to search and go to our next destination, we have to look for establishment with WiFi in order to set our next destination.

So, if you are going to Canada or any other country outside of U.S. your best option is to buy a local SIM and use it for the time you are in that country.

Also, we found that we have to constantly have to re-start our phone in order for us to get cell signal. My LG-G5 keeps on getting the No USIM message while my wife's Iphone 7 is getting the invalid SIM message, when we restart the phone it connects to the cell tower and we can make calls and text.

1 reply

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Yes i went to Canada (Toronto, Peterborough, Otonabee) back in early August for first time since acquiring my mint mobile sim and with credit in international roaming wallet.

I had the same result when i came out of airplane mode after landing in that my talk and text services were working, albeit using 3g connection, but my data connection never was established leaving me w/o google/microsoft maps app driving directions support unless i pulled up the route and directions data in advance using a wifi connection and then let the phones gps service work to tell me where i was along that route after getting on the road.

I was really wanting this to work as the never expires international roaming wallet credits story, and rates, really seem appealing for travel given my well known mobile number would be in effect. Some other forum threads on this Canada data roaming support subject suggested its a known issue for Canada right now as tmobile doesn't have prepaid roaming partner agreements only post paid ones and that this isn't expected to be an issue in other countries. Would be nice to know if people have gone to europe/uk or asia/china and successfully gotten data connections.