Data speeds dropping.

  • 1 September 2018
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When I first signed up with Mint at 10/17 my data speeds where around 12mps and as high as 25mps down and around 7mps-12mps up. For about the last 2 months they have dropped down to a high of maybe 15mps and I would have to get up a 2am to see that speed. now 2-3mps dn/ 750kbs up if I'm lucky. Has anyone else seen a dramatic reduction in their speeds? I guess it's time for a new provider. It is a shame as I wanted to get the rest of the family over t Mint and I would have 4 months ago in a heart beat. I'd call CS but that seems to be a waste of time. By the way those speeds are with any of my phones Moto Z2 play, Moto G5s plus, or the Essential PH-1.

2 replies

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Hey treker,

If you could please private message us your mobile number, we will look into that for you.

Nicole, Mint Mobile
@treker I have the exact same experience. I began service with Mint on a Fall 2017 and was surprised with the fast speeds. I started with the 2 gb 3-month plan and then switched it to the 6-month 5gb plan, this is when speeds began falling and HAVE been falling ever since. At first they said it had to do with peak times or peak hours, second time they said it is because of the weak signal in my area (I live in silicone valley, this is BS), now they are saying that there is maintance going on affecting many people and that there will be an 8gb plan comming out on Jan. 29, 2019. During this time I upgrade phones since my old one was from 2014. Nothing changed regarding data speed.
Average download speed since Oct 2018 is at 2.93 Mbps according to Meteor.
Download speed right now is 1.32 Mbps according to Ookla.

I do not know what the speed test for Mint Mobile is and was told by CS that do not have that information either only the amount of data, nothing in regards to speed.

Hope things work out for you!