Extremely Slow/Unusable Data Speeds

  • 15 December 2018
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Hi everyone,

Since I've switched to Mint Mobile approximately two months ago, I've been experiencing extremely slow to unusable data speeds, and would like to know if anyone else is experiencing this.

I live in the Metro Phoenix area - it's a pretty large city with high T-Mobile LTE Coverage and my phone always indicates that I have a connection to LTE, so there should be no issue there. In the morning and evening speeds are bearable at approx 5 - 8mbps down (and an odd 0.5 - 2mbps up) and I am able to browse or use LTE no problem, but come mid-day my speeds drop so drastically that I can no longer connect to any webpages or services through LTE. It seems that my speeds are being throttled to the point in which I can no longer use my LTE service - I can't even run a speed test because it times out. This happens nearly every mid-day during the week.

My phone is entirely Mint compatible - it supports all of the frequencies T-Mobile requires and, at this time, is carried exclusively by T-Mobile in the US (I have a OnePlus 6T) so there should be no compatibility issues.

The issue is so bad and so frequent that I am probably going to drop Mint at the end of this billing period if I can't find a resolution. Has anyone else experienced this?

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5 replies

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As it seems there have been no replies, official or otherwise, maybe people think I am exhagerating so allow me to share these screenshots demonstrating otherwise:

There are times in which my speeds are so slow I can't even use my data service - and this is a semi-frequent occurrence. Can anyone else vouch for this as being an issue? And can a Mint Representative in particular explain this? If not, I am afraid I will be leaving Mint at the end of my current term.

Thank you.
I'm right there with you. I've been loading this website in the middle of the city where Tmobile subscribers get real LTE speeds.

It's been nearly minutes before I could even start replying. Still less than half way complete.

You get what you pay for I guess. Made the mistake of buying into the annual plan.

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Hi Khalas, thanks for confirming that I am not the only one lol.

I know you get what you pay for, and I am fine with a certain level of throttling and deprioritization - after all, we pay less. If it's slow during peak hours so be it. What I don't expect is for my service to be slowed down so much that it fails to function lol. Even for Mint's low price, I will never view service that doesn't work as worth it. I had Cricket before I switched to Mint and sure, I was capped at 8mbps (turns out I rarely get that with Mint anyway), but my speeds never dropped below 4 - 5mbps. Seems I made a mistake switching to Mint.

Thank you, again, for speaking up. Oddly enough I don't see many threads regarding this issue around. I would love to hear whether Mint has any proposed solutions aside from dropping their service lol.
Yeah it doesn't make a lick of sense. I am at the top tier high speed data $300/year 10GB plan and I typically get about 1-1.5 mbps on the speed tests. Google maps takes forever comparitively and always says, "poor connection."

Even though I still have plenty of months left I am half tempted to shred the sim card and go back to Cricket wireless. Yeah great more than twice what I pay monthly BUT IT WORKS!

I have searched for hours and can not find the right combination of keywords to isolate reports or for that matter solutions.
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Even outside of Criket it now seems like there are better options. Haven't tried Red Pocket yet but I've heard it's quite good and offers around the same long-term prices as Mint. In addition, you get to choose your backbone carrier (Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&t, etc.) with Red Pocket. Or there are always the brand-sponsored MVNOs - Cricket as you mentioned, or MetroPCS. All seem to be better options than this at this point lol.