High speed internet connection

  • 24 April 2020
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Are there any plans to extend the high speed internet connection past the May 14th deadline?  I know I will still be working from home after that deadline and I will need to have the high speed internet in order to do that.  Also, is MintMobile thinking at all about offering your customers an option to have unlimited high speed internet even after this pandemic ends?  I have the 12 GB plan and I do find that I use all of that and with working at home I far exceed past that amount.  I for one would be interested in a truly unlimited high speed internet option.

2 replies

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Hi Pat! Thank you for reaching out. We currently do not provide unlimited high-speed data plans, however, we do not rule it out in the future. We appreciate your feedback and will make sure to pass this information to the relevant department. Thanks. 

I want to second Pat’s request. It would make sense to offer new plans with more data now that many of those who can afford it will prefer to stay safe and work from home in the medium term. Or at least upgrade the existing plans so as to make it more appealing to spend another $5-$10/month. Look at your 6-month plans: going from 3 GB to 8 GB costs an additional $5/month, but going from 8 GB to 12 GB costs an additional $10/month... Why?

Assuming a 12-month commitment, I would be willing to pay $30/month for a significantly higher monthly data limit (like 30 GB), or $35/month for unlimited data. Your free unlimited data offer has been extremely helpful for the first months of this pandemic, and I thank you immensely for that. More importantly, it proves your infrastructure is already strong enough to meet the demand.

From the start I have been a happy Mint Mobile customer but now that our everyday lives and communication needs are deeply changing, I may have no other choice but find a different provider with plans adequately sized to my new usage level – and regrettably, no cute little fox and no surprise message from Ryan on my voicemail :’-(