international data roaming not working

  • 13 November 2018
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I'm traveling in India and I've loaded funds for international roaming. I'm able to place and receive phone calls, but I'm not getting access to the internet. Mobile Data and International Data roaming is enabled on my phone.

Any suggestions for getting international data roaming to work?


32 replies

+1. Have been unable to use data on international roaming in India, and also during my layover in China.
I was in Turkey and I couldn't make any phone calls. When I got back I called Mint and was told, I had to put my phone on airplane mode before leaving the country and take it off once I landed and it should work. I did this last month flying to Mexico and I also had no international roaming. I didn't try to make any phone calls.
Seems to me that MINT customer service needs to figure this one out soon! There has not been any replies from them.
+1 I've had the exact same problem last week when I traveled to the UK and Portugal. Text and calls worked but data didn't in either country.
+1 having the SAME problem right now in India.
Same for France - not working and talking to customer service to fix this issue was painful.
I was in Turkey this past week and was not able to place calls, send/receive messages, or get any mobile data. I was using a unlocked iPhone X, so please do not tell me the phone does not have the bands. Do not advertise something that does not work.
+1 I am gonna cancel mintsim
I wish I saw this post earier, now i am in China, call and text are fine but no data at all.
I arrived in Chile earlier today, and Mint Mobile's roaming only worked for the texting, but even then, it was flaky at times. I didn't try roaming calling. But the roaming internet did not work AT ALL. VERY UPSET, as I was very dependent on the internet (for maps, translating words, etc.). I had to go buy a local SIM that came with 3GB of data for $10 since Mint's "Global Roaming" is essentially useless. Trying to figure out how to buy a pre-paid SIM card in a foreign language, figuring out where (and from which company) to buy it, and taking the time out of a tight-packed vacation schedule to do this is EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING! Not to mention, I will be in Colombia next week and have to do the same all over again! On top of that, since I have to use a local SIM card, I won't be able to receive calls/texts from my U.S. #, which I registered for travel notifications, STEP, all my contacts, etc. As this apparently has been happening for about a month now to other users, if Mint Mobile doesn't fix this ASAP (and refund everyone's money who pre-paid for roaming), this can easily be construed as "false advertising" and result in a class-action lawsuit. Until today, loved Mint Mobile, but this experience has severely, negatively impacted my impression of the company and their service.
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I am currently in Iceland, phone shows full bars of "R", but will not connect to the internet here. Calling works fine and texting, non MMS works well too. Unfortunately, I switched to Mint because of its ability to data-roam worldwide since I travel a lot. Very disappointing. I called and was told to switch to 3g, not 4g LTE. I did that and still can't get data. Mint - please fix this problem!
Same here. When I contacted them after my last trip because of that issue, they said the same as someone said above: turn on air plane mode, turn it back off when landed, etc. I’m in Brazil, followed the instructions and internarional data roaming still not working!
I'm currently in Vancouver Canada, and phone, SMS and data are all not working. When I go network providers, I only get Mint options.

The strangest part is that I was in Vancouver about 3 weeks ago and didn't have any problems.

Mint is pretty garbage service, can't seem to get their act together, Looking forward to cancelling my account once my last month of the contract is up.
I'm also in Canada and having the same issue. When I first started with Mint back in August and I traveled back to Canada, I was able to text and call - the roaming worked fine. But in November and now this December trip the roaming has not worked at all. It's quite frustrating.
same in Spain. No data, no text, no call
In Aruba, not connecting and not working, the T-mobile phone works right away!
I am currently in the UK and am experiencing the same issue, no data but SMS and voice calling work. I need a data connection that works. Please advise as to any change of settings necessary for an unlocked Android phone to work.
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Can confirm that International Calls/Texts/Data does not work at all in Mexico either. Contacted Customer Support - did not hear back. Based on all these comments, looks to be a large (and wide spread) infrastructure issue.
This question was posed one month ago and not one response from Mint. There are many other questions that have been asked quite some time ago without any interaction from Mint. When my trial is over, I intend to look elsewhere for phone service since the follow through here is so sporadic.
Same issue here... I was in the Netherlands during Thanksgiving and roaming did not work at all. Contacted Mintsim about it, and they said they were going to look into it. I was there for only 4 days, so by the time they got back to me, I was already back in the US. For Chirstmas I was again in the Netherlands...and this time roaming for internet did not work again.. but now I also was unable to send and receive SMS text ('unable to send message - message blocking is active'.) and could not make or receive calls. So basically my phone was useless. Lucky for me, I still have my Dutch phone. In Switzerland I had the same issue during the second week. Mintsim customer service is horrible, during those 2 weeks I barely got any response. I send the first request on December 22, the only thing they told me was to send info on my phone, sim card, roaming address etc on Dec 25th. I send it to them immediately, got a reply on the 28th "Hello, Could you please power cycle your device and make service test?' Like I didn't try that immediately??. Then told them it didn't work... and got no reply back on that. I got roaming working last year in Canada, so I don't know what changed, but it sucks.
I’m on Dominican Republic rigth now and i cant make calls just receive ... they said it got fix but my phone still the same. That sucks
I have contacted them last November (2018). I was traveling in Switzerland and my data didn't work, even though 3G symbol was present. Calling and texting worked. No response whatsoever from Mint customer support. By the way, in June 2018 it still worked.

iPhone 7+, iOS 10 (other phone with iOS 12 doesn't work neither).
Just got back from Jamaica and my sim was unable to register on either the “FLOW” or “33805” network that was detected. No data icon appeared during my 7 day visit. Fortunately I had WiFi connection at my resort. Phone calls & texts worked while on WiFi. I tried rebooting & pulling SIM but still unable to register on network. Customer support was unable to get it working while there. Kind of a waste of money to purchase roaming credit if it doesn’t work! Service worked fine when in Tijuana.
I was in Turkey this past week and was not able to place calls, send/receive messages, or get any mobile data. I was using a unlocked iPhone X, so please do not tell me the phone does not have the bands. Do not advertise something that does not work.
Same problem here. Will quit mintsim as soon as my plan expires.
Not hearing positive responses from anyone with US phone numbers regarding international data use? I also did not receive a return email or call from the representative I spoke with about the data issue!
Been in India for well over a week, also had a layover in dubai. Mint SIM international roaming (data and calls) hasn't worked till now. I do receive texts and calls but I am not able to make calls or text.
Will move to Fi or TMo once plan expires.