international data roaming not working

  • 13 November 2018
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Traveled to qatar end thailandia and roaming did not work at all, i was so frustated since i travel alot and i switch carrier after reading mint has roaming feature which is not true.
Planning on going bact to tmobile where my roaming always worked 100%
I dont find a solution from mint to keep their customers and provided services as offered.
Sep 9th, '19

You can add Serbia and Bulgaria to the places where neither voice nor SMS texting work. Distressing to hear Turkey is that way also as that is next. I don't use Mint's roaming data as it is 200.00 USD a GB.
Mint is working fine in Mexico on my android phone. Make sure you have TMobile's default VPN and this one for data:

Cellular Data
Name: Ultra
APN: Wholesale
Proxy: (leave blank)
Port: 8080
Username & Password: (leave blank)
Server: (leave blank)
MMS Proxy: (leave blank)
MMS Port: (leave blank)
MCC: 310
MNC: 260
Authentication Type: (leave blank)
APN Type: default,supl,mms

Click SAVE and select it. If it doesnt work right away restart your phone. It worked for me
Thanks but I don't use mint for data when roaming, they are $200.00 US a giga. I use local data at $0.50 - $1.00 a giga.

For voice and SMS I've checked all the network connections and they are set for Mint and/or T-mobile.
I arrived in Chile earlier today, and Mint Mobile's roaming only worked for the texting, but even then, it was flaky at times. I didn't try roaming calling. But the roaming internet did not work AT ALL. VERY UPSET, as I was very dependent on the internet (for maps, translating words, etc.). I had to go buy a local SIM that came with 3GB of data for $10 since Mint's "Global Roaming" is essentially useless. Trying to figure out how to buy a pre-paid SIM card in a foreign language, figuring out where (and from which company) to buy it, and taking the time out of a tight-packed vacation schedule to do this is EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING! Not to mention, I will be in Colombia next week and have to do the same all over again! On top of that, since I have to use a local SIM card, I won't be able to receive calls/texts from my U.S. #, which I registered for travel notifications, STEP, all my contacts, etc. As this apparently has been happening for about a month now to other users, if Mint Mobile doesn't fix this ASAP (and refund everyone's money who pre-paid for roaming), this can easily be construed as "false advertising" and result in a class-action lawsuit. Until today, loved Mint Mobile, but this experience has severely, negatively impacted my impression of the company and their service.

I have experienced the same thing except I was in rural Japan for 10 days. It sucked because all the local bus times were off but we had no internet to check any updates.

For data, I used the APN settings at when I was recently in the UK and Belgium, and it worked fine for me. YMMV.

No data in Spain and the Canaries, Portugal, or Morocco. I also added $$$ to up data and that hasn’t worked.