Mms not working on wifi

  • 28 November 2018
  • 5 replies

I finally figured out how to use wifi calling and texting but now I noticed I cannot send nor receive mms on wifi... pictures, videos, group messages dont work on wifi. Can anyone help with a proper setting?

Samsung Galaxy S9+

5 replies

I had the same issue with Galaxy S7. I replaced the default messaging app with Google Messages and it works fine now.
How did you manage to get your WiFi calling to work? I've got a note 8, and I don't have any options to enable WiFi calling where as I did before with T-Mobile. Any insight would be much appreciated!
You do it on the mint mobile website. Go under your info or profile or something and theres a link to click to enable it. Itll ask for an address for 911
Yes,I should've mentioned that I did do that, however, there's still no option within Android with the mint Minnie sim card installed to turn on WiFi calling. There is however when a TMobile sim card is inserted