New activation but data super slow

  • 26 July 2018
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  • Common Fox
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New activation today but data super slow, Just 0.2Mbs. How to fix it?? Thanks!

9 replies

Depends very much on your location, same as any other carrier. That's what the test SIM is for.

What type of data connection is it showing? E, 3G, HSPA, LTE? There are places where I have full bars and LTE but get 0.1 down and 1-2 up. (Ok, only one place is that bad.) Other places, I'm in "HSPA" and get 4 down 1 up. Other places LTE with 30 down and 15 up.
Thanks, jtown
Data connection is it showing " E". I'm in The Tallahassee, FL. My AT&T data speed is so good. Do I need to change the APN? Or other setup?
Check your phone's specs on GSM Arena to see which LTE bands it supports. You need at least 2, 4, and 12 to have good support on Mint/T-Mobile and, to a lesser extent, bands 66 and 71. But not a lot of phones support those last two.

Mint's coverage map shows which frequencies are used in your area.
I check my LTE bands are: 1,3,5,7,8,20. Maybe it is problem. Thanks!
D'oh! 0 for 5. 🙂
Before I join Mint mobile , I Check Compatibility for my phone from Mint Mobile. They said "Your phone can run Mint at up to 4G speeds—slightly slower than 4G LTE, but still great for browsing the internet, streaming videos and sharing photos without any major issues." Do they trick me??
Sure sounds like it. There's no way EDGE could be considered "slightly" slower than LTE and you're sure not going to stream videos on it. You've got 7 days from the time of activation to get your money back but I'm pretty sure you'll need to port your number to a new provider to keep it. Or pick up a cheap phone that supports bands 2, 4, and 12.
Thanks so much, jtown. I will try the other phone to solve this problem. Thanks again.
Make sure to double and triple check your APN settings and also check which carrier you're on. The first phone I used Mint on was slow, but I found there were two T-Mobile service option when I had my phone search for carriers. One was very fast the other was bad.