No data on Huawei Honor 7x

  • 1 January 1970
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I bought this phone understanding that it would be compatible with Mintsim; however, I have been unable to receive any highspeed data at all. There is good phone reception in my area, but I'm unable to use cellular data. I have spent hours on the phone with support, have changed the APN, swapped in a replacement joy. The support personnel have reached the limit of their expertise. Maybe the LTE settings?

3 replies

Should have added that I bought the phone on Ebay and it maybe a Chinese version...could it be incompatible with the network? ...phonecalls work fine.
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Hey there! If its a foreign version of the song then it might not be compatible because our bands in the US are different than the bands overseas.If you send a DM to our care team with the phone number and IMEI number we can look into that for you.

Mint Mobile
I bought mint SIM , for my honour 7x phone when I moved from India to Australia .
Its not a dual SIM phone .
But when I'm not getting any service.
The mint customer care says the SIM is activated but I'm not getting any signal
Please help .