No internet when off WiFi

  • 24 December 2018
  • 1 reply

The phone is a Samsung s7 Active. I usually am surrounded by wifi, so it took awhile to notice that I had no phone while off internet. This was fixed by new settings, but still no internet when off wifi. I was stuck in a traffic jam & no Waze!

I've tried 3 different APN settings, Ultra (Wholesale), T-Mobile US LTE (, Mint (wholesale). After doing multiple Sim removal & replacing, the Sim had become loose to the point that it would fall out of the slot. So Mint sent another Sim.

Just tried the new Sim. No difference! Any suggestions? I've been a Mint customer 7.7kb of mobile data recorded from December 1st! I'm paying for 2 Gb.

Helpful suggestions?

1 reply

In your APN settings, set your MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) type to ismi. Mint fails to add that part to their apn settings list. My regular s7 did fine without it but my s7 active couldn't get data without it. I changed that setting, selected the apn, and restarted and it worked just dandy. Hope this helps.