Switched plans, never got LTE data again

  • 1 January 1970
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So here's the story. I tested out Mint Mobile with the 5GB plan for 3 months and was reasonably satisfied. I then decided to upgrade to the 10GB 6-month plan because I needed more data. After my new plan kicked in on Sept 26th, I never got even one byte of high-speed data. I do still get data, it's just throttled. The setup is exactly the same as before - same phone, same settings. I have reset the phone multiple times, have taken out and put back the SIM..etc

Contacted customer service, they supposedly escalated the ticket to Tech Support and after a week of "looking into it" came back with that I've already used the entire 10G high-speed data allotment...

Here's the thing: when I text "Data" to 6700, I get back my data balance, how much I have left and how much I've used. When I was on the 5GB plan, the response was always accurate and always added up to 5GB (For example, "you have 4GB left, you've used 1GB" , "you have 2.5GB left, you've used 2.5GB" and finally "You have 0GB left, you've used 5GB"). The second number never exceeded the data amount I had on my plan even as I went over it once the data was throttled

Now I get "you have 0GB left, you've used 14GB". That second number changes. That second number should be fixed at 10GB if what Mint is saying is true.But instead it keeps growing (personally I think it keeps adding to the data balance from last month, I finished with about 11G). From 12 to 13 to 14... etc...

I also of course have a native data counter on the phone which confirms what I am describing. So it seems my data balance on Mint's end never reset and I'm now already half-way into the first month of the new plan, having never received what I paid for. I prepaid for 6 months of service and as things stand now, I have no confidence that this will be magically fixed when my second month of service begins.

One CSR I spoke to told me that Mint has migrated from one account management system to another and that has caused problems with some accounts. He said some customers had issues with voice, some with data. Don't know if the information is true or not because each CSR tells a different story...

Any advice/suggestions?
Ticket # attached to this issue is 3055158 if that matters

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