Updata not working?

  • 1 December 2018
  • 7 replies

I've been trying to Updata all evening. I was able to add money to wallet, but when I try and add GB I keep getting "Sorry please try again later." Anyone else having this issue?

7 replies

I have the exact same issue and it is infuriating! My experience with Mint has been terrible. Horrible pricing, charging double and horrible reception in a lot of areas to top it off.

Fix this stuff asap mint! Some of us rely on data to get where we are going.
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Can you message us your name and phone number so i can help you out with that?

Mint Mobile Support
Its because there is a data cap per month, from the agreement they have with T-Mobile; from phone conversations with Mint, its 14GB per month. This should be stated in a more open manner, as I needed that extra data for a project and I wasn't able to get it, and wasn't expecting there to be an issue.
Hello i have the same problem , i need help , i didnt get data and money from wallet was taken... thank you
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Hey @CorbenDallas please contact our support team so they can help troubleshoot this issue. You can reach them by calling https://tel:213-372-7777 or emailing,
I’m experiencing the same issue. I’ve tried upping my data the last two days through text, app and the website. Each time I get the same error message. I contacted customer support about 8 hours ago for help, and the person I spoke with was like, yep, something is going on. I’m on the 3 gig a month plan and have only upped my data 1 gig this month in addition to the plan. Until then, I’ve got no data.

Not sure if it will fix itself when I get to the new cycle, or if I’ll still have this same issue. I would love to get it resolved because this is the only issue I’ve experienced since I signed on with them.

Also had same issues try to;updata to 3Gb for $20. But the $10 for 1 GB worked which makes me think it's true about this 14 GB cap. (I have the 12 GB forb3 months plan) If that's true it's bs!