Voice and Text, but No Data

  • 12 December 2018
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I activated my SIM two days ago and it seems I am getting no cellular data. I have voice calling and I can send/receive regular text messages to Mint Mobile and others. Anything having to do with cellular data is not coming through. The second I switch to Wi-Fi, everything comes through as one would expect - iMessage, Mail, browser, YouTube, etc. The second I switch off Wi-Fi, this all goes away.

I thought it could be an account data issue. I have the 5GB plan and my account balance shows that when I log in. When I text to Mint Mobile, I get the following message:

Your Mint 4G LTE balance is:
4.999 GB LTE remaining
1MB 4G LTE used

When I check my phone cellular settings, I am seeing similar figures: 179 KB used in current period. I also confirmed all of the basic settings that I could identify through the forum.

iPhone 7 Plus
iOS 12.1.1
Carrier: Ultra/Mint Mobile 35.0
IMS Status: Voice & SMS

I have done quite a bit of reading in the forum and online and I am at a loss as to what else I might check. Any suggestions? Thanks!

3 replies

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It turns out in iOS 12.1.1, the APN settings were moved and this prevented the data profile from installing during initial activation. Previously, the APN settings were located in Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Options. In iOS 12.1.1, they have been moved to Settings > General > Profile. In the end, we were able to figure it out and activate data. Thanks to Richard, Darren, and Adderly for their assistance.

If you're running iOS 12.1.1 and having problems with cellular data, follow these steps:

Connect to a Wi-Fi network
Open a new tab in Safari
Go to
Create APN (at the bottom of the screen)
Select Country
Select Carrier: T-Mobile (don't select any of the other T-Mobile options such as LTE, etc)
Create APN and install the new profile
Power down the phone after installing the profile

When you power the phone back up, you should be able to disable Wi-Fi and get access to the internet through the mobile network.
Thank you so much @SuccessBurrito . I looked and looked for a solution and this was finally the one that worked. So appreciate you and this share!

Is this safe? While it is working with this APN, I am concerned about data privacy. Feels weird to install a profile from an unknown website. Can someone share their thoughts?