What 4g LTE speeds to do you guys see with MintMobile?

What 4g LTE speeds to do you guys see with MintMobile?

I bought into the 4g LTE 5Gb/mo plan, but I am seeing an average speed around 1 Mbps, 0.08 Mbps being a typical worst and 1.6 Mbps being the typical best. Every blue moon or so, I get speeds of about 3Mbps. I live in Chicago where TMobile coverage excellent. Everytime I talk to Mint customer support speeds jump to 7-8Mbps. Once conversation is done, speeds typically revert to an average of about 1 Mbps the following day. Is my experience unique or there are some data issue that others notice as well?


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I didn't see your topic until I posted my topic(basically asking the same question)...I sometimes can get upwards of 60mbs download speeds, albeit very very early mornings, however during midday I struggle to achieve 3-4mbs down..I'm hoping Mint can improve these numbers in the future...but I still love their prices..and will be with them for a while.
Attached is the screenshot of 4g lte speeds that mint is delivering in Chicago.

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At one time (not sure if this is still true,) T-Mobile was congested in parts of Chicago. Mint being an MVNO (lower data prioritization) wouldn't help.
I've been disappointed as well. At best I get low single digits in New Britain, CT. The worst was 0.17 mbps, but have seen 21 mbps 10 miles east in Hartford.

Also, speeds have been terrible lately in the evenings. Maybe everyone else is on the network at that time and we get deprioritized.
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For comparison, just outside of Colorado Springs, Colorado I just got Download speed of 39 Mbps and upload 3.8 Mbps via Mint. That's way better than my home wifi!
From my desk inside my home in Lee's Summit MO. Download = 11.41 Mbps Upload = 5.43 Mbps 78ms ping using the OpenSignal app. Seems pretty good in operation.
From a top floor office window in a Windsor, CT office/industrial park with direct line of sight to two cell towers:

Speedtest.net 7/25/18

Ping: 32 ms
DL: 35.83 mbps
UL: 19.37 mbps
server: Wayne, NJ

AT&T Postpaid:
Ping: 88 ms
DL: 27.64 mbps
UL: 7.47 mbps
server: Cleveland, OH

Ping: 49 ms
DL: 17.41 mbps
UL: 1.29 mbps
server: Canton, OH

Mint on my Blackview BV8000 Pro phone beat out both AT&T in a mifi device and Sprint in another mifi device.
The low end is Cherokee, NC where I have LTE and full bars but crappy 0.1/1.0 speeds. In cities I get 15-30 down and 5-15 up. Download speeds aren't as good as I had with Sprint but Sprint's coverage is pitiful.
I also have had sub 1 mps speeds and only rise to 5-8 mps in the early hrs of the morning.
Stockton Ca. area. (In July I hit over 60 mps in the San Diego area)
Just a quick test from Murfreesboro, TN (Nashville, TN)

Mint wireless(tmobile) : 30Mb download 6.32Mb upload
Home wireless (1gig fiber att) 12.1Mb download 16.2Mb upload (opposite side of the house to AP)

no complains except i need a repeater in my house for my in-house wireless ☹
I don't notice a difference between Mint and T-Mobile. My speeds are around 50 to 80 in Akron, Ohio.
Off peak times are always much faster when there's less prioritization of the main network.