• 1 December 2018
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Recently heard about mint mobile. Was skeptic because I've never heard much good with the cellular signal for t-mobile in and around where I live in southwest PA. When I saw the $20 for 3 months deal, I decided to try it out in my dual sim phone. Been trying it for about a week now and everything was looking great until I went to visit family today. My normal cell service is with straight talk on AT&T towers. I had, and always have, full LTE signal with AT&T there. T-mobile service was zero bars, not even 2 or 3g. Checked out the t-mobile coverage map. It indicated I should have had service where I was, but nope, the coverage map lies. I'll run out the rest of my 3 month sim card, but it's looking unfortunately like mint mobile will be a no go.

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