Compatible with Samsung Galaxy A50?

  • 20 September 2019
  • 3 replies

Don't see the Samsung Galaxy A50 on compatibility list & wondered if it is & if not, why not.

Thanks 🙂

3 replies

No. Only text & calls. Maybe in the correct areas you might get really slow unstable internet, but overall, probably won't work. Got the answer after a 1 hr 15 phone wait. Appreciate their honesty, though.

Really? Why does Best Buy site say that Mint is compatible with A50? And why do you get three free months of Mint when you get an A50 from B + H ? And why do Amazon reviews say their A50 works with T-Mobile (which Mint uses)? I e-mailed Mint to see if the A50 is compatible. They said no and referred me to a site for evidence. But the site they cited lists the bands of phones they’re dealing with. And guess what? The bands they list are bands for India!  When I pointed out everybody saying the phone is compatible and the Indian bands, he still says “no compatibility”  and that his decision is “global”. So, Minerva- if you reside in India Mint is not compatible; if you live in the US the A50 has the bands that T-Mobile and Mint uses. Just don’t buy an “international” phone. You need to get the North American variant that has bands 2,4,5,12, and 66. I’m no expert and I’m just trying to get an answer to the same question you have, but after all the research I did I think the odds definitely favor compatibility.  

Just one more thing: Mint sells the A50 among the selection of phones on it’s website. Under additional purchases at the bottom of their A50 description page it lists Mint Mobile plans. Would Mint sell a phone to give other carriers business because it’s not compatible with their service? That wouldn’t be a wise business decision.