Data service is not reliable.

  • 18 December 2018
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I am a taxi driver and depend on wireless connection for an everyday job. I brought a package of 12 months and 2GB. Everything seems fine at the beginning, then I suddenly cannot connect to the internet. I did not change the setup on the phone, data usage is about 500MB, and the signal is strong. What is wrong? I have contacted customer services many times, each time I talked with different people, but they all instructed me to do two things. Restart the phone or wait for 48hrs. I feel tired. I thought something went wrong with the SIM. Therefore, I brought a replacement SIM and activated it. Wow, everything seems fine again. However, my happiness does not last long, when data usage is about 500MB, I cannot connect to the internet again.

Is it right for you? Yes, if you just need basic phone services. If you depend on data services, forget the green fox.

0 replies

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