Do not buy a phone from Mint Mobile store if you want an unlocked GSM device

  • 11 October 2019
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So I have this shiny iPhone Xs I bought from Mint Mobile earlier this year, and I was happy with it as I also enjoyed the complimentary 3-mo coverage (I got Mint sim card as well). And the phone was advertised as unlocked GSM which is what I wanted as I needed to be able to use it overseas. Where I went just last month. And surprise, it did not work with local sim card there with a stupid "sim card not supported" message. Internet search disclosed that the phones purchased from Mint store are not _really_ unlocked until you have used mint service with them for at least a year (why even advertise it as unlocked then? it's just a big fat lie!). And all mint mobile phones customer support did is pointing me to the useless return and warranty page which says something along these lines:

"Dear beloved customers, you have only 7 days to return your new device, and even so you need to pay 20% of its price as some arbitrary BS fee, and some other fees we had to make up. But please come back to buy more stuff as we'd like to make more money out of thin air with you!".

Here is the original:

Okay then. It gets worse though as I also purchased another new iPhone from them just before going overseas - to bring it as a gift to my sister. And yeah, it did not work for her either, and I spent more than 7 days there so I cannot return it either. I guess I will try to sell it online then but... yeah don't even buy a phone from mint mobile store.

Best regards to all.

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