Leaving Mint after 6 weeks

  • 10 February 2020
  • 3 replies

I decided to try mint and bought 3mths. Now, 6 weeks later, I have decided to leave. Constant dropping of the data connection and repeated mms delivery problems are a deal breaker. Cheap is too expensive if you need it to work but it does not work. Probably will go att prepaid. Will cost twice what mint 3gb would, but at least it should work. 

3 replies

Maybe it’s where you live or something else. I am in the Washington DC area and recently switched(Jan 1, 2020) from being a Sprint customer for 20+ years. I have had NO issues, the hubs and I have traveled to three other states recently and still no issue. I will never switch back.  Have you contacted customer service?

I have been a happy ultra (aka: mint) customer for many years (since Ptel went out of business and handed its customers over to them). I never had any problems ever with ultra and have been happy with the service. I thought, happy ultra=happy mint, right? Then it started glitching. I do not suck gigs of mobile data, but I do need a reliable data connection and reliable mms/text for when I do need it. The connectivity probs went on for a while and have since stopped. I'm happy with the service again.
I try not to pester customer service, if I can help it 😉

Yeah I am right there with you. Sure the price is right but the service is far from it. The service is slow and unreliable. The prices are misleading. The website does not fully function. 


Loading and receiving my messages/call has a late response.

Calls are constantly dropped/fuzzy. My 3rd month just started and the service has not improved after I "used" all of my data from last month. I do t see how I went through 12 GB of 4g in a month when I havent really come close to 7 before and I used my phone more than. 

I thought I was paying 15 a month for 12 gb. At least that is what I signed up for.  I was kind of okay with slightly weird service since it was the right price but since it's the same as say verizon i dont see why i should continue my service.

I tried to refer friends and the refer a friend icon is blank. As well as I personally dont like how short amount of time I have to respond to get questions answered on the live chat. 

 I'm definitely doing research for another phone plan. 

Also I cant send photos messages anymore!!!!! And that is important for my day to day.