Mint Sim not good for Travelers

  • 26 August 2019
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I just realized that MintSim is not good if you are constantly on the move. I got my first dose of reality between paying premium for main carrier and alternative like MintSim. We just did a 3 week road trip from Southern California to Washington then to Canada (Alberta, BC and Calgary) then back to Minnesota, North Dakota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado, Utah then back to San Diego. We are with a group of people some of them with AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and other with pre-paid service. Those in our group with service using the carrier's above always have full service with 4G/LTE data on every stop that we have. Those with pre-paid including Mint lost data on some of the area we stopped.

Mint and other pre-paid does not usually allow roaming inside US. Mint allows option for international roaming but this is only true for cell and SMS. I can't access data when I was in Canada which makes it very inconvenient to travel as I rely on data for maps and searching where to go.

I also noticed that I have to constantly re-start my LG-G5 and my wife's iPhone7 when we move from 1 place to another (mostly 1 state to another) in order for me to connect to T-Mobile tower else, I will get a Non-USIM or my wife will get the Invalid SIM error message.

If you just stay in 1 state most of the time and you have Mint coverage in your area then this is still a good option for you so you can save money. You just have to remember that when you travel to another place that you may not have coverage. It is best that you buy a SIM kit locally when you travel internationally than paying the international roaming option by Mint.

I am writing this in hope that Mint will make this clear on their site and eventually improve their service to allow roaming.

7 replies

Question: did you manually input the APN settings in both phones, or just insert the SIMs and let the phones program themselves?

I ask because I recently manually input the APN info into my Pixel XL (after having let the phone program itself after SIM insertion) and I'm hoping this clears up problems similar to yours.
Hi mzmint,

No, I did not change the APN settings. When I insert the card, it program itself and shows 'Mint' on the top left of the iPhone and it shows "Mint" on the network.

Now that you mentioned APN. My LG G5's APN is showing as T-Mobile LTE (

When are you planning to travel? Let us know if you get the chance to test it with manually putting the APN and see if that is the only thing we need to do.


Yo, Chris.
  • When I insert my SIM into my Pixel XL without any programming, my phone displays "Mint" in the upper-left corner (unless I'm on wi-fi calling, then it says "T-Mobile Wi-Fi Calling").
  • By default, the APN used/auto-programmed is: T-Mobile US,
  • I've now manually created an APN labeled "Ultra" per the instructions in the link of my previous post.
  • I test-called a friend (also on Mint, per my referral ironically) from deep inside a metal roof big box store; the call was crisp and clear.
I'm traveling again this weekend (to some very rural areas) and I'll update you with my findings post-trip.
Hi mzmint,

Voice remains clear on me also while roaming in Canada. The problem is with the Data. In Canada even with money on my roaming account and data roaming turned on, there is no data at all.

The issue is not with regular service, talk, text, data works well inside US as long as I remain with T-mobile network. The problem is when roaming is needed. I know you cannot roam in US but they have option to roam when you are in another country.

I changed my APN today to Ultra. I will see if it makes any difference in service but I can't test International roaming maybe until next year again.

Will you be traveling internationally this weekend? If so, that will be a good test if data continues to work for you outside of US using the Ultra APN.


Ahhhh, I'm sorry about not zeroing in on that in your post.

No, I will not be traveling internationally this weekend.

However, I was in Canada July 13-14 2019, and I too added some roaming funds to my account. Like you, data did NOT work. Many others have had the same problem, whether it be Canada or another country.

A comment from a moderator in another thread said "In regards to your inquiry, we are sorry to hear that you keep having issues with your Roaming, we were informed that we are currently experiencing an outrage with their preferred Roaming Partner in Canada, the Roaming partner is working on the issue but there's no estimated time of when this will be resolved."

At this time, I don't believe that international roaming actually works.
Chris, I think this still applies:
As expected, Mint did NOT work in the rural area I visited this weekend.

So I'm leaving Mint for the 8GB prepaid promo from AT&T for $300 per year (with tax it came to $339, which equates to about $28 per month). This plan is supposed to work in Mexico and Canada, plus I expect MUCH better coverage than Mint ever gave me.

I wanted Mint to work for me, but it just had too many coverage problems to be a working solution.