Misleading information!!!

  • 8 December 2019
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Mint FAQ says the introductory price can be locked if we I renew for 12 months. I bought a plan with a price of $15 / month for 12 GB. Now mint customer care tells me I cannot renew for that price even if I renew for 12 months. This is just misleading and cheating the customer

5 replies

I agree whole heartedly.  Mintmoible has some screws loose.  I am considering not renewing and dumping them permanently after this experience too,

They are misleading at the least if not dishonest.  And their support is worthless when they can’t even simply email to you correct APN settings.  I don’t need hand holding, all I need is correct information.  If they don’t tighten it up especially on their false advertising, they could be heading toward legal action.

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Here’s some ammo if you go legal route.


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I just called Customer service and was told it is no longer possible to honor the promotion because apparently you only had until December 31, 2019 to take advantage of the renewal. 


So this means that if someone decided to try the promotion out on December 30, they would only get 1 day to decide to renew for a whole year? That’s really really stupid. You should have until the end of your 3-month window to make your decision. Mint seriously needs to use some common sense here.


Consider me cancelled.

On top of not being consistent, the service sucks. I live in the sf and the service is always dropping. In no way have I used over 12 GB of data I never reached over 7 when I had verizon....  and 4g LTE???? Internet is sooooo slloooowwwww and my 3rd month just started...