observation about Win A Year of Mint! Just Leave Us A Review

  • 10 January 2019
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David Glickman, Mint Marketing,

I am a Mint User. I think Mint is really good. I am a happy Mint customer.

I do have to admit i choked when i read the Mint email requesting a review to be left on Facebook.
Facebook is corrupt...it collects way to much info about it users, it shares away personal info about it users...we have learned this after an endless series of facebook scandals, that go on year after year.

It is totally not cool to ask Mint Users to use Facebook.


1 reply

I shut down my Facebook account quite a while ago. It seems that reputable sites that are meant for reviews (Yelp, etc.) are out of fashion. I guess if enough people use the platform, it pays to advertise on the platform.

Just remember, if the product is free (I.e. Facebook) then you (and your data) are the product (being sold to advertisers).