Service is garbage!

  • 1 January 1970
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I am on my 2 month of my 3 month subscription and I can only call out when I am home, otherwise I just get out of area or emergency calls only I don't receive about 80%of my calla my phone doesn't ring callers get out of area recording or just rings on their end not mine, and I can't send or receive texts so basically I have a phone that only works with Internet sometimes I could of got the same no service for free, this was a total waste of $75 and dangerous being that I work til 2am and basically got no cell service I wasn't able to get able refund, DEFINITELY DO NOT RECOMMEND!!! Save your $$

4 replies

I don't receive about 80%of my calla

Always remember to check the coverage area before buying. Very important.
Purchased international plan from mint which never worked. Sitting in the miami airport right now and get "no svc" or "emergency calls only". Originally was a big fan of mint, now I can't wait to change. Huge disappointment in phone, internet and customer svc. Mint has really blown it. And you can find dozens if not hundreds of customers with the same complaints. Shame on you mint.

I don't receive about 80%of my callaAlways remember to check the coverage area before buying. Very important.

Checking the coverage area doesn't always help; I have a similar issue to the OP but, where I live is supposed to have good to excellent coverage and if I didn't have a backup phone would have thought the service was bad as in my preferred phone while having all the necessary bands for any of the US carriers and is fully unlocked I get no signal when using my Mint Mobile sim in it unless I am in my car driving to or from work.
Just activated my card and guess what!! Huge disappointment. No bars I have to go outside to make calls. WIFI talk and text is also not working. Already thinking to switch back to my original provider. Mint mobile you got me and tricked me to buy your service.