Sometimes you get what you pay for, sometimes you get less.

  • 24 March 2018
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Yes, MintSim is cheap. But even cheap service isn't worth the money when you don't get what you are paying for.

Customer service is a joke. All your calls for service will be answered by an overseas call center. English may or may not be an issue. And when you complain about overseas call centers? You get told, "everyone else does it." That is not the attitude I want from the customer service staff.

My wifi calling does not work properly. Yet whenever I call I get the runaround. They start by telling me that not all phones work in all situations in all ways. Guess what? They know exactly which phone I have and they know exactly how my phone works. Then I get ten minutes on how porting my phone number over, bla, bla, bla. Everything but actually trying to fix my issue.

I get calls that never come through to my phone yet get answered by voicemail. I get lots of dropped calls. And I get no actual support from anyone connected with Mintsim. Just a bunch of excuses to get me off the phone as fast as possible.

Sometimes you get what you pay for. Sometimes you get less.

6 replies

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Hi @jsonnebe, we would love to help resolve the issues you are having with WiFi calling the best we can. One of the members from our Care team has reached out to you directly. If you do need any further assistance then please private message me with your best contact number or email. Thanks, Caro
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No one from your care team has reached out to me directly. Someone was SUPPOSED to call me on Monday, but that never happened. That's how you guys roll.
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Hi, are you able to private message me with how you would like to be contacted and I will have someone reach out. Thank you for your patience.
I dealt with another company (FreedomPop) that was all that, and worse since they used Sprint towers which has had horrible coverage for over a decade now.
I was skeptical about Mint's service and associated low prices when I joined a year ago, but I haven't had any significant issues with them. For customer service, I have used their Virtual chat and Live chat features and things worked out well. Although, the virtual chat needs more improvements understanding your actual needs/questions.

I have used various MVNO's & phones over the last 10 years, and Mint has been one of the best in my experience within the Metro Boston area. The worst for me was Tracfone, years ago; I dreaded having to call customer service various times and stay on the line for 45 minutes to solve a simple issue.

Not having access to voicemail is pretty ridiculous and customer service saying they don't know when it will be fixed is ridiculous.... Of course this occurs right after my 7-Day money-back guarantee Expired